Unlock the hidden value and story behind your precious gems

We understand that your jewelry holds more than just aesthetic beauty—it carries sentimental and financial significance. Our team of certified gemologists and appraisers is here to provide you with accurate and detailed assessments of your jewelry's worth.

Why appraise your jewelry?

Discover a myriad of reasons why a jewelry appraisal becomes an essential pursuit. As a connoisseur of beauty, you might find yourself captivated by the mysterious allure of an item, yearning to uncover its hidden worth. In such moments, our knowledgeable staff stands ready to provide you with an expert estimation, allowing you to satiate your curiosity and unlock the approximate value of your cherished piece. This bespoke consultation serves as a token of our commitment to cater to your inquisitive spirit, effortlessly delivered while you wait, completely complementary as a gesture of gratitude to our valued clientele. However, there are instances when a mere casual appraisal won't suffice, as you seek more than just a fleeting glimpse into the value of your beloved jewelry. To truly safeguard your precious treasures, comprehensive jewelry appraisal documents are essential, especially when considering insurance coverage. Whether you choose to secure protection within the confines of your homeowners' policy or opt for a specialized jewelry insurance provider, obtaining thorough coverage requires a meticulous approach. We hold the key to ensuring your peace of mind, as we meticulously craft detailed and itemized appraisals, meeting the discerning requirements set forth by insurance companies. With our seal of expertise, you can confidently safeguard the essence of your collection and embrace the tranquil embrace of comprehensive protection.


1. Expert Appraisals: Our highly skilled and experienced gemologists have an unwavering passion for the artistry and science of appraising jewelry. They possess an intricate understanding of gemstones, diamonds, precious metals, and historical craftsmanship, ensuring that your appraisal is conducted with precision and expertise.
2. Comprehensive Assessments: We go beyond a superficial glance and delve deep into the characteristics and quality of your jewelry. Our appraisals consider the 4Cs of diamonds: carat weight, color, clarity, and cut; and assess the craftsmanship, design, rarity, and condition of your entire piece.
3. Accurate Valuations: Our appraisals provide you with a comprehensive valuation report that reflects the current market value of your jewelry. With access to industry-leading resources and market trends, we ensure that you receive a fair and accurate assessment of your jewelry's worth.
4. Trustworthy Documentation: Our appraisal reports are comprehensive, detailed, and recognized by leading insurance companies and legal professionals.
5. Unveil the Hidden Value: Our jewelry appraisals not only reveal the monetary value of your jewelry but also uncover its historical significance, craftsmanship, and emotional worth.